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It all started with a Like from Thomas on an Instagram story from Stephi. One message became two. Two became 1,000. And it was clear to us right from the start that this was much more. It was true love with the same goals, dreams and visions. So we didn't hesitate for long and: Quit our jobs, quit our flat, sold the car, sold all our stuff and started the most exciting adventure of our lives, travelling the world and creating something great together, to inspire and help other people and to find ourselves who we really are.

In the meantime, we have not only explored endless breathtaking places, but also lived in Kuala Lumpur for a year and fulfilled our dream to emigrate to Bali. Was the road to get here easy? Not at all! We had to cope with endless mistakes and setbacks, learn from them, never give up and do better. We went a way like few others, so hardly anyone could understand and we had to learn to deal with a lot of doubt, ridicule and unqualified opinions of others.

Today we know that the path to one's own dreams is definitely the hardest, but at the same time also the most beautiful, exciting and incredible path one can ever choose. We want to inspire others to realise that anything is possible, no matter what anyone else says.





Hey, I'm Stephi, a young woman who not so long ago turned her entire life upside down and threw her principles overboard to be a happy and fulfilled person. As a prisoner of society and its system, I lived a life for years that had nothing at all to do with my idea of a fulfilled life.

Many years went by in which I just lived but had no fulfilment in myself. Then came enormous health problems that accompanied me over a period of more than 2 years.

During this time, I simply functioned. What I learned from it, however, was to appreciate the moments when I felt better and was not in pain. A lot of things didn't go according to plan and I was hanging in the air for what felt like forever, not knowing what to do with my life! Neither my job in the catering industry nor my private life fulfilled me. On top of that, I fell into a really heavy depression, which took away all joy in life and made me just function. Until one day I simply decided to be happy! Yes, you read that right, I live this life here because I decided to be happy and accepted change. Travelling the world together with Thomas and our dogs gives me exactly this fulfilment that I was missing for years.

I love to write! I also love to write and address topics that often go deeper and can lure you out of your comfort zone. I love to speak plainly, so nothing in my sentences is embellished or veiled!



Born and raised in a small town in the south of Austria, I have always seen the world differently from others in many ways. I somehow finished school as an average student. I studied for several years as an alibi to somehow meet my parents' expectations. Failure was inevitable, instead I pursued a career as a professional computer gamer and was able to travel the world, earn money and meet endless great people and fans.

I made further stops in my career as a sales manager in our Mercedes-Benz family business and founded my own successful advertising agency in Klagenfurt, Austria, with my best friends. I had many things that other people would classify as success: my own company and great job, a mega car, a dream flat. Everything seemed grandiose, but inside I had the opposite. I hated my life. Trapped by the system and society. None of it fulfilled me. It was never what I really wanted. I worked for others to make everyone around me happy, but completely forgot about myself. I also slipped into depression and addiction after my mother died, where I had to get to the bottom before I could get to the top again.

I had to work through a lot of things, work on myself every single day. My mindset was completely messed up, just like me. So I had to do everything better from now on and just be myself. No sooner said than done: quit my job, quit my flat, sold my car, sold my things and travelled the world to document everything and find myself

The journey with myself helped me to find the most valuable thing in my life: myself. Through the love and realisation of myself, the universe brought me another incredible gift: my darling Stephi. Together we gave up everything at home to travel the world, face our fears, step out of our comfort zone every day and get closer to our dreams every day.


Our Project

Unique Passports

How did this project come about? Quite exciting: At home on the sofa! We both knew where we wanted to go and that we wanted to get away from home to pursue our goals in the right direction, as we had imagined. So we made it our mission to document everything on our way, especially to record our development. Today's digital age offers endless possibilities where everyone can realise themselves.

Yes, we love to travel! Travelling is an investment in ourselves and teaches us to rethink, to see the world through different eyes and to connect memories with emotions that we carry in our hearts for a lifetime. We want to share these memories with you and have been documenting our lives in this exciting online world every single day since.

Unique Passports' passion is not only to explore dream destinations or to introduce you to the world's most beautiful luxury resorts. We share our daily lives to inspire others, to give them strength, to make them think and want more for themselves, but most of all: to be happy.

UNIQUE PASSPORTS stands for realising your dreams and living the life you want. It's not just about us, but more about all the people out there who also want to pursue their dreams, no matter what others say. We all have only this one life, so we should also use this chance and create something magical out of it.

We want to help and inspire as many people as possible on our path. Our true passion is to help people mentally in whatever way we can, whether it's sharing experiences and insights from our lives, how to manage anxiety, get better organised in everyday life to tips and tricks on image & photo editing, video editing, travel and social media.

Unique Passports is not just a name, it symbolises a family where we all treat each other nicely and with respect, there are no secrets and everyone is valuable as a human being. Also YOU! Yes, especially YOU!

Unique Passports embodies freedom and the will to create something great, to let go of the past and to finally develop the courage to determine who you are and who you can create.

SO, Who do you want to be? :)

Last but not least

Our Family

If you follow us on Instagram, you've probably already met our kids. We have to admit that we are absolute dog freaks (especially Stephi). No dog is safe from cuddle attacks. Since we now live in Bali, our family has grown by 3 more dogs. Was it planned that way? NO. But ok, who has been here before knows how hard it can be for street dogs in Bali. One thing is clear: we failed bitterly as a foster home and became a "foster fail" family with 5 dogs.

- the hypochondriac -
- the bundle of energy -
- the loud -
- the guard -
- the clown -
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